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Filing Patents in the United States - Based on PCT or International Priority

United States Patent Attorney - PCT to US filingsThe Law Firm of Michael J. Feigin, Esq. provides high quality and cost-effective Intellectual Property (IP) services for foreign clients including , United States Trademarks, and United States Copyrights.  We currently liason with firms around the world.


(1) To obtain broad and strong United States IP rights for our foreign clients in a short period of time including electronic filing and delivery of a U.S. application number immediately after filing.
(2) To provide a close relationship with our foreign clients for supporting our client's success in the United States and worldwide market.
(3) To keep fees and costs for our services to a reasonable level.

IP Legal Service Areas

Our services provided for international associates fall into the following categories:
(1) Patent Prosecution and Licensing
- PCT national phase patent application entry into the United States
- Applications claiming priority under the Paris Convention
- Translation
(2) Trademark Prosecution and Licensing
(3) Design Patent Prosecution and Licensing
(4) Copyright Prosecution and Licensing

Areas of Expertise

Our IP law experience covers .Such technical areas include:
(1) Computer Software
(2) Computer Hardware
(3) Business Methods
(4) Electrical & Electronic Technology
(5) Mechanical Technology
(6) Chemistry & Material Engineering
(7) Consumer Devices

Patent Applications in the United States

The United States allows a one year grace period from the first public disclosure of an invention until filing.  This is based upon the first public disclosure of any kind in the United States, but only on a written public disclosure occurring outside of the United States. To take advantage of the Paris Convention, you must file an application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) within one year from the priority date. The specification can be submitted in a language other than English, but the United States Patent and Trademark Office will charge a surcharge and an English translation must be submitted thereafter.

If you choose to apply in United States via the PCT route, you must file an application at the USPTO within 30 months of the priority date.

Our typical flat fee (including all disbursements) for filing a U.S. Patent Application based on foreign priority is US$762.  The U.S. Government fee is $533 for an application with up 20 claims and up to 3 independent claims if the assignee has less than 500 employees.  Our full fee schedule is available upon request.

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