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Green Patent? Get Examined First!

A Wind Farm - Get your patent for this examined first!Introduction

At the time of writing, the U.S. Patent Office is currently running a pilot program where your "green technology" can get examined first! No waiting in line for years to have your patent application examined! Here is a summary of the requirements in plain English:

Requirements for the Patent Application

(1) The patent application must be a typical utility application (not a provisional) pending before the U.S. Patent Office. (Your application can be filed new with a petition to enter this program.)

(2) The patent application must be classified in one of the U.S. classifications related to "green" technology. These include renewable energy, alternate energy sources, energy conservation, and environmentally friendly farming.

(3) The patent application must contain three or fewer independent claims and twenty or fewer total claims.

(4) The technology in your patent application must contribute to: (1) the discovery or development of renewable energy resources; (2) the more efficient utilization and conservation of energy resources; or (3) green house gas emission reduction.

Requirements in Your Petition to Enter the Program

(5) A petition to enter the program must be filed electronically. (This law firm files all documents electronically.)

(6) The petition to make special must be filed at least one day prior to the patent office's examination of your application.

(7) You must also request early publication of your application.

More Information?

If you need more information, please contact us at any time via the contact information listed on the upper right of this page. We'd be happy to help you get your Green Tech patent application examined first! More detailed information is also available at the U.S. Patent Office's website.

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