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Patent Guide - I. Introduction to the Patent guide

You may also be interested in some of the articles about patents and the patent process on this website. In this guide, we will show you all the details about obtaining a patent. That is, in this guide you will learn how a concept is taken from idea to patent, and everything between. We're using real documents and real example: U.S. Patent 8,128,089 for an automated bingo game based on RFID-tagged balls.

In simple English, this is a patent for bingo balls with a transmitter floating around inside. We use this example because it's fairly straight forward and the arguments are based on pictures, making it easy to understand. See those dark circles labeled with number 150? Those are the transmitters floating around inside the bingo balls, labeled 100. The ball are shown in an exit tube of a bingo machine, such as machine 200 shown there to the right.

The following pages will give you an example of a typical process, though we should probably remind you that results vary.  Feel free to jump to any part of the process, using the navigation menu to your left. Or, let's just jump into it and begin with the first step -II. Conception and meeting with your Patent Lawyer.

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