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Law Firm Philosophy

Personal Service. High Quality. Streamlined. High Tech Patent & Trademark Attorneys.

Call us during business hours and in most cases Patent attorney Michael Feigin, Esq. or Larry Fridman, Esq. will answer the phone - you can reach us. We like direct interactions with our clients and make things as simple and easy as possible. We believe in direct human interaction and while we've now received half a dozen (and growing) buyout offers from large firms, we like our independence and find greater reward in working directly without abstraction layers.  Being your own boss means that you know everything which is happening from beginning to end.

Our priority is customer service and quality work. If we believe something is not patentable, we will tell you. We have a lot of happy clients who, after we at first dissuaded them from seeking a patent application, rethought their strategies and concepts, and came back with something great.

We're big fans of the "Google method" of doing things. That is, we provide you with all the information about patents and trademarks. Take a look at our "patent guide" which walks you through the process of obtaining a patent in the United States and around the world in excruciating detail. If you prefer, take a look at our numerous issued patents in fields ranging from telecom, medical, mechanical, business method, and electrical.

Looking for trademarks? We have a "trademark timeline" showing you the steps of obtaining a trademark, and how long it takes. We have thousands of active trademarks in our law firm portfolio.

We love what we do for a living - we love tossing ideas back and forth, as well as searching for, and writing about all the new technology people have to offer. Come to us with your questions on patents, trademarks, and copyrights and tell us what you have in mind; then we provide the relevant information. Our collaboration will be enjoyable and professional for both parties - as well as profitable.


About the Patent Attorneys

Michael Feigin's background is in telecommunications, computer software (business method patents), computer hardware, and biological sciences. He does his own web programming (e.g., this website), runs the firm on Linux and open-source software, and even does the firm's search engine marketing (this website currently comes up among in the top results when you search for "patent attorney", "patent lawyer", "New York patent lawyer", "Pennsylvania patent lawyer" and so forth). His issued patents include quite a few in the telecommunications, engineering, mechanical, medical, and other fields. Learn more about Mr. Feigin >

Lawrence Fridman, Esq. has been a Patent Attorney for over 30 years.  With an engineering degree and background combined with patents drafting at many large law firm, Mr. Fridman is ideally suited for a client who wants bedrock reliability.  Mr. Fridman is thorough and precise and can negotiate patent claims with the patent examiners like no other.  Learn more about Mr. Fridman >










Working With Our Law Firm

We're available for in person consultations at our main office is in Clifton, NJ or in New York City.  For international clients and even local clients we are also available to meet via video conference.

We give every potential client some free time on the phone but when you're ready to schedule an appointment for further exploration, our Engagement Agreement and payment systems are electronic to make it easy to conduct business. We do charge a minimal initial consultation fee once we begin discussing details of your patent or trademark, but we will use this fee towards your Patent or Trademark application should you decide to move forward. The initial fee is payable on our website and is combined with the legally binding Engagement Agreement. The Engagement Agreement includes an explanation of our legal responsibility of confidentiality and elaborates on how the process of obtaining a patent or trademark proceeds.

Once you begin working with us, your invoices will be transmitted to you by e-mail with clickable buttons to send an e-check payment. If you prefer, email your check instead and we'll debit it electronically. Telephone authorizations also work to transfer money from an account already on record. 

More Patent & Trademark Services We Provide

We also provide worldwide patent services. We file patents and trademarks around the world, as well as in the United States for international clients and international law firms.

Other services include copyrights, business formation, negotiations, licensing, and the like. If a matter goes to litigation, we work with one of three outside firms, depending on the type of case. We act as "in house counsel" for you while the litigators do their work in court. Similarly, we provide "of counsel" services, handling Patent and Trademark filings for outside firms.

Call us today for a consultation! Michael and Larry can be reached at (973)685-5280 / (212)316-0381.

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