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Patent Guide: IX. Notice of allowance

Once you come to an agreement about which claims are allowance, you will receive a Notice of Allowance. Here's an example:

See that fee due? Yup, the Notice of Allowance earns you the right to pay the government more money. It's the second biggest source of income for the federal government after the IRS. It's worth it though. In exchange for paying a little "protection money," the "mafia" uses it's police force, judicial system, and customs agents to protect your corner of the "mafia's" claimed territory. (The analogy works all too well.)

After we pay the fee, in a few weeks, your patent is issued, like the RFID bingo ball patent you can find by clicking here. It is good for twenty years from the date of filing, but look at this little note on the cover page:

The delay at the patent office can be long. So if it takes more than three years to obtain your patent application due to patent office delays (not your delays in responding), the patent office will extend the length of your patent application accordingly. While in our bingo ball example, the extended term is less than a fortnight, it's not uncommon to see 1043 day extensions, and others of this magnitude.

Now that we've gone through the patent process in the United States, let's talk a little about X. FOREIGN FILING.

Or, if you have gone through this entire presentation until here, you may be ready to watch Michael Feigin, Esq. talki about this in more detail in a video presentation. Or contact us to come in or Skype for a consultation.

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