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Trademark Filing Requirements

Trademark applications in the United States and internationally require certain basic information to be filed. An Attorney at our firm may have sent you to this page so that you will know what information to send to us.

The Trademark to be RegisteredTrademark Logo Example

  • For a word mark:- the exact spelling of the mark
  • (e.g. just the name, "MANE GOAL"):
  • For a logo mark:
  • the complete text shown in the mark; and
  • a JPG image of the logo (we can convert your image, if necessary - see example to the right)

The Goods and Services & Classification Scheme

  • All marks must list the goods and services to be protected by the mark.
    • Examples:
    • a) "hats, gloves, scarves, boots"; or
    • b) "software downloads in the field of financial planning."
    • Each of these examples fits into a single "class" of goods as they are related. However, if you want to put the goods of both "a" and "b" in the same trademark application, the U.S. Trademark Office charges a fee for each class of goods (for European Union trademark applications, up to three classes are included for the same fee).

Owner information

  • Name of the owner (individual or corporation)
  • State of incorporation (if owner is a corporation)
  • Address of owner
  • Name of person who will sign the application and their title (e.g. "president", "owner", "trademark administrator")

Statement of Use + Specimen Showing Use in Commerce

  • U.S. Trademark applications may be filed in one of two ways - a) intent to use, or b) currently in use. If your mark is filed on an "intent to use" basis, no Statement of Use is required at the time of filing, but will be filed later. (Please be advised that an additional government and law firm fee applies when filing a Statement of Use separate from the application itself.)

For a currently in use trademark, send one of the following:

  • If filing a trademark: Actual version of the product OR picture of the product as sold (JPG or PDF; we can convert your image, if necessary); or
  • If filing a service mark: advertisement promoting the service (JPG or PDF; we can convert your image, if necessary)
  • If a picture of your product or advertisement of your service is available on your website, just send us a URL and we'll prepare the Specimen for you! If not, we like receiving samples of your product!
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