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Trademark Litigation - Sergei Orel

Sergei Orel is a multilingual trademark, design, copyright and trade secrets attorney and handles trademark litigation for the law firm of Feigin and Fridman.  With almost two decades of experience and speaking French, Russian and Ukrainian, and also
Polish and some Spanish, Mr. Orel has acquired an extensive and varied experience in the areas of trademark and copyright prosecution and litigation, both in the US and abroad.

Some of the examples of the results obtained - Sergei co-wrote a legal brief in French for submission to the France Supreme Court (la Cour de cassation) in the matter of Visa International v. IOR Ltd, in the dispute over IOR’s trademark VISA DE ROBERT PIGUET, where he represented IOR, the manufacturer of the VISA DE ROBERT PIGUET perfume. He represented the Gipsy Kings in French in a dispute with Jahloul “Chico” Bouchiki, over the rights to use the name “The Gipsy Kings” in France and the USA. He wrote several legal arguments in Russian and Ukrainian for submission to the Russia and Ukraine Trademark Offices in opposition and cancellation proceedings between his clients American trademark owners and owners of similar trademarks in Ukraine and Russia (in the matters of FLAMINGO trademarks on water and alcoholic drinks).

Since joining the firm, Mr. Orel has assisted in responses to trademark application rejections and defending against trademark infringement claims.  In one case, Mr. Orel turned a $1 million settlement demand into a $0 payment on the part of our client!

Mr. Orel can be reached through the law firm for your trademark and copyright litigation matters.


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