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Video Presentation: Patents and Trademarks 101

Given at the Inventors Association of Manhattan, July 2009.

Mr. Feigin is a licensed attorney in New York and New Jersey, and holds a license to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Michael J. Feigin, Esq. drafts patents in diverse fields including telecommunications, web 2.0, software, business methods, biological products, chemical products, and mechanical devices. His experience includes working with intellectual property for many startups as well as large companies such as AT&T, Vodaphone and Lime Medical (a sister company to LimeWire). Mr. Feigin's legal practice, The Law Firm of Michael J. Feigin, Esq. (http://PatentLawNY.co...) specializes in all aspects of Patent, Trademark, and Copyright procurement for clients throughout New York and New Jersey

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