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Patent Guide: X. Foreign filing

Now, Mr. Erickson didn't file any foreign patent applications for the RFID Bingo Ball Patent that we've been discussing, but you can. The deadline for filing foreign (utility) patent applications is one year from your earliest filing date. This is the deadline by either method, the "Paris convention" or "Paris Cooperation Treaty."

We currently work with associates in the United Kingdom, European Patent Office, Turkey, Israel, India, Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina,Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Poland and others. If your country isn't on our current list, it's not a problem. We'll find an attorney to work with!

Here's how the process works:

Paris Convention
- Liaise with a patent attorney in the foreign country.
- Send certified copy (electronic or paper, depending on country) of your patent application
- Send Power of Attorney and other documents
- File in foreign country, like a regular patent application filed there, typically claiming the filing date of your U.S. application


Paris Cooperation Treaty
- File application with the World Intellectual Property Office (WiPO), typically via the U.S. Patent Office
- Designate country for Search Authority (US, Korea, Russia, Australia, or European Patent Organization)
- Get published application, search report, and, if paid for, preliminary examination
- Enter "National Phase" by deadline 30 or 31 months (depending on country) after your earliest filing date 
- Proceeds like a regular patent filing in the designated country

The short reasons to do the former is that it's a cheaper up front cost, whereas the later gives you a search report and you more time to decide which countries you'll be doing business with.

Thus far, the Patent Attorneys at Feigin & Asosicates have filed patents in the following countries and/or for clients in the following countries:

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